Mentoring + training educators

Below are some samples of the participant packets and facilitator's guides that I developed to support my facilitation. This is only a small sampling; I have developed over thirty professional developments from all four domains of teaching.  Feel free to request a specific topic and I'll see what I can send you! 

Facilitating Group Work Participant Packet

Differentiating Assessment Facilitator's Guide

Four Learners Protocol

Learning by Playing Power Point

Spring Seminar - Components of Successful Assessment Outline

Spring Seminar - Components of Successful Assessment Participant Packet

Evaluation Data - Staff Wide Professional Development Day


When working in intense, fast-paced start-up organizations, I have used technology to allow adults to collaborate so that we are able to establish a stable and supportive learning environment for all students. With GoogleDrive, I have created collaborative spreadsheets for vertical alignment, forms to document RTI academic and behavior interventions and interactions, and presentations to coordinate school announcements for students. Shared folders have also played an important part in the clear communication and structure of my mentoring and evaluating. Teachers have instant access to my classroom evidence and our meeting notes which I share as spreadsheets, each meeting its own tab. They share their lesson plans and assessments with me while I share resources, like a folder of Socratic Seminar rubrics, graphic organizers, and question stems, with them. Even if we do not physically meet daily or weekly, our interactions increased by our use of collaborative technology. One last piece of technology that has supported my work with teachers is the video camera. Not only does video enhance the impact of classroom observations, but it also supports a collaborative environment, especially if teachers use Edmodo or GoogleDrive to share their successes.

Below are some samples of ways I have used technology with teacher teams.