read what teachers + students are saying about stacy

Stacy is a great listener, and even better problem solver. Together we work collaboratively to find solutions that may arise. Stacy always has a variety of strategies available to help with both instruction and management. Our meetings always involve discussing the success of the strategies used and how we can utilize them for more effectiveness. Stacy has been a wonderful ally to have in the classroom.
— 1st Year Teacher in Chicago Public Schools
I enjoy being in this class because I like the environment and the style of Ms. Sniegowski’s teaching.
— 10th Grade French 1 Student
You have helped me tremendously with differentiating instruction. Your encouragement on my creative lessons has helped me build my confidence in creating them.
— 1st Year Teacher in Chicago Public Schools
That was the best professional development I have ever attended—and I am starting my 40th year of teaching business...  That is a lot of PD that I have attended.  Everything from the space to the presenters to the staff were just absolutely amazing.
— INCubatoredu Teacher
From lesson plan ideas to classroom management to professional goals, my mentor was able to help me in a timely, effective manner. I am very thankful for my coach!
— 2nd Year Teacher in Chicago Public Schools
She provided me with a lot of feedback which helped me be more confident and also employ new strategies in the classroom. She helped me lesson plan and gave me new ideas for assessments. She helped me create rubrics and grade student work. She was very flexible and had an abundance of resources.
— 2nd Year Teacher in Chicago Public Schools
I like the way you explain things more than once. Most teachers don’t but you do. I like how you will always help anyone and you give everyone a chance to participate. I don’t think there’s anything I don’t like.
— 10th Grade Geometry Student
I think that you have done a good job with presenting new material... I can honestly say you are one of the best teachers I have had.
— 11th Grade French 2 Student
My coach has helped me to reflect on my teaching strategies/ outcomes and helped me clarify what is working and what needs modifications. In addition, it has been a nice time to just take a break and talk to another teaching professional to share ideas.
— 1st Year Teacher in Chicago Public Schools