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Stacy Sniegowski


Throughout my life, I have been passionate about education, design, and improving the future of our world for all. Whether working with teachers to design project and game based learning experiences, supporting schools to bring community members and programs into classrooms, partnering with local artist and musicians to train them to use new tools, coaching instructors with strategies that engage, challenge, and inspire students, or starting my own company to foster a music based community, I integrate a vision for a better future into my daily life and practice. 

My life is founded in one desire: 

I want to change the future of this world.


This site is an attempt to show you my current and former work so that you can better understand my vision for the future. Above all things, I am a learner, which is why the bulk of this site is related to education, teaching, and learning. It's my belief that the process of acquiring new information and forming new connections is fundamental to our success as individuals, teams, communities, and societies. By studying what we have done through literature, art and artifacts from the past, we can make predictions, using science and math, to determine how to better engineer our future on this planet. I work to inspire individuals to maximize the resources that our modern technology provides us in order to give more people access to a life of knowledge.

You can learn more about me as a professional educator and leader by navigating from the pages listed in the directory at the top of the page.

Music is life.

In my other hours of life, I run a business with my husband called Wholesome. It's a creativity clubhouse we launched it from our coach house in 2009 and then brought it to the public when we moved to the former Hammond Organ Factory, now Workshop 4200. The space is for music fans and features a webZine, radio station and podcasting studio, practice and recording studios for bands (Wholesome Studio-b3), a t-shirt printing shop, and cool vibes. In addition to DJing for WholesomeRadio, as DJ Cheddarwürst, I work with my husband to manage and develop veteran DJs and student interns. Over the years, the Wholesome Student Radio Project has hosted (physically and virtually)  interns from DeVry University in Chicago, Columbia College Chicago, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and Indiana University, as well as various high schools on Chicago's south and west sides. In 2013, we were awarded a partnership with After-School Matters to teach students the tech skills required of a 21st century artist and musician.

Like my Renaissance role models, I have diverse passions that are all connected (at least in my head) and include, but are not limited to the following: music, gardening, bikingcommunity involvement, math, Ultimate Frisbee, technology, radio, France, soccer, films, gamification, art, and more. 

who dares to teach must never cease to learn.

- J. Dana