On staying quiet when the voices in my head are loud. 

An extroverts journey towards introversion.

When did the censoring start? Why did it start? How? What were the factors. How quickly did it happen? Why did it take so long to notice? Am I afraid to be myself to the world? 

These are just some of the questions that I asked myself and I realize that I wasn’t person who I thought it was anymore. Somehow the woman who collaborated with others and connected with others through virtual tools had excluded herself from others and quieted her voice.

Blame it on age.

Blame it on career.

Blame it on marriage.

Blame it on homeownership.

Blame it on the lead or the ticks or depression.

It happened. It’s time to move on.

Much has happened during the silence:

  • I made a playlist a month for the last five years.

  • I worked with over 300 Teachers to lead their students in entrepreneurship and mobile app development.

  • I visited over 50 schools and learning institutions.

  • I experienced the Apple Austin campus and several Apple stores across the US.

  • I built three websites for friends and charities to develop my portfolio and support small businesses.

  • I negotiated a lease to keep my business operating in a creatorspace that we helped to seed. 

  • I led the launch of a free monthly music series in that creatorspace sponsored by my company.

  • I built a team that’s working to be a hub for music creatives in Chicago.