Talking + Thinking about Innovative Teaching


Throughout the last few months,

I've been working with teachers, sharing the story of students building apps and starting businesses, and preparing to train teachers to lead students towards learning things they may know about less about than the students. From conferences to classrooms, I've been talking with educators about innovative instruction, computer science, entrepreneurship, the value of creating a classroom that simulates the modern workplace, and the need to be expert learners.

Presenting about coding at the Magnet Schools of America Conference in LA, CA.

Presenting about coding at the Magnet Schools of America Conference in LA, CA.

While on a roadshow...

to promote and explain what mobile app development and entrepreneurship look like in schools, I've had a lot of time to reflect and think about the importance of supporting teachers to learn to innovate, code, and be expert learners instead of solely content experts.


One great article that hit home

with my own personal resume and story is this Harvard Business Review article about hiring an "entrepreneurial leader." As someone who has had eight jobs in the last twelve years, an has never been fired, the idea that the entrepreneurial mindset is a skill that big companies, not just startups, hire for, was liberating.


As for empowering teachers with the skill of coding...

I've been public about it. You can learn more about my thoughts by reading my blog post shared by the National Consortium of Secondary Stem Schools and listening to my perspective on the Swift Teacher Podcast


Thanks for sticking through to the end to learn what I have been up to this year!